Take back your time.

Swell, the smarter way to get things done.

Swell literally works for you

We know life can get crazy and it's hard to get everything you want done with only 24 hours in a day. That's why Swell was created, the smart app that helps you tackle your never-ending to-do list. Just jot down the things you need to do, and our innovative technology and network of experts will help you – whether it's doing price comparisons and scouring reviews to find you the best product, helping you plan your dream vacation, or just looking up fun things to do in your area.

Whatever it is you want from life, Swell’s here to help.

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“Swell just makes life easier. I appreciate how much it helps when comparing prices. And I love the tips I get for each item on my list. It’s like my own personal Yelp or “Best of” list, but for my life, not just restaurants.”
Milan S. CA

How It Works

  • Swell app screenshot of list view with example tasks of a busy mom


    Make a list

    Jot down all the tasks that you need to do.

  • Swell app screenshot of task assigned to personal assistant or expert


    We do the grunt work

    We analyze your list to find the best tips and send them your way.

  • Swell app screenshot of example task for find kid friendly recipes


    Cross off your to-dos

    Use your personalized recommendations to get things done.


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    Sit back and relax

    Swell does the busywork in the background, so you don’t have to. Enter tasks when they come to mind and we’ll deliver tips just when you need them.

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    Get personalized tips and curated content from our network of researchers

    Rest assured knowing you’re receiving highly-researched, well-thought-out suggestions that are personalized just for you.

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    An easier way to get your tasks done

    If you like something we’ve found, you can make secure purchases directly within the app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Swell? How does Swell work?
Swell is the to-do list that works for you. Just put a task into your to-do list like you regularly would and we’ll see if we can help. If so, we’ll add helpful content to your tasks all with the goal of helping you get your tasks done more easily. Save time and effort while being more productive with Swell.
Q: What can I use Swell for?
Honestly? Anything! Need to decorate the kid’s room? Plan a weekly dinner calendar? Need new exercise routines? Gift ideas for a birthday?

Whether it’s doing research, price comparisons, or helping you feel inspired, we help with the grunt work so you don’t have to.

As long as it’s a task that you need to get done and we can help, we’ll provide top quality recommendations so you don’t have to worry about completing that to-do.
Q: Who’s giving me recommendations?
Depending on the task, we use a combination of carefully curated results and consumer research experts who can help to find the best products and suggestions for you.
Q: Is the service free?
Our service is free to use for a limited time only.
Q: How does shopping work? Who am I purchasing through?
We only recommend the best sources for your purchases, and only when we think it will be helpful. No gimmicks or upsells here. In most cases we connect you directly to the end seller but for certain merchants you can purchase directly in app with Apple Pay or a Credit Card.
Q: Who can I get in contact with if I have questions or problems?
If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at support@tryswell.com